Enviroment Policy

The framework of the objectives of Art in Vogue highlight Environmental Liability in order to permanently maintain the high quality levels. In this sense, Art in Vogue considers environmental issues a key factor in the political management of the company, having been continually make the necessary adjustments and adopting new processes for non-environmental degradation. We believe that responsibility for the use of natural and environmental resources not only differentiates us as well as the influences and makes a positive contribution to the sector.

This creation of a Sustainable Development Policy, which ensures the full integration of the company as responsible entity in the society, we highlight some environmental protection measures:

- The rational and efficient use of natural resources and energy;
- The minimization of waste, ensuring they receive proper treatment;
- Awareness of our employees for environmental sustainability;
- We take responsible environmental behavior and practices;
- Constant demand for solutions that prove to be self sustainable and environmentally friendly